Xmas Donation to Laduč Orphanage

Christmas is a time for giving and this year we wanted to go the extra mile.  So, at the initiative of Marina Pecik, the Kogitas Team decided to donate to a group of 16 children who live in an orphanage in Croatia. 

Our donation went to Laduč, a branch of the Dječji dom Zagreb, which provides social services to children (aged 7 – 18 years) without parents or adequate parental care and to children whose development has been endangered their own families. Their mission and vision is to create a safe and stimulating environment for the proper growth and development of children abynd youth and to provide them knowledge and skills for independent living and their equal inclusion in the community.

When Marina was asked why she wanted to support the orphanage she said

“… that for the last couple of years around the Christmas period both herself and her family have tried to find ways to support those who are vulnerable or do not have the security of a family home. She has found the act of giving to be very rewarding and also a reminder to remember what is important in life!”

When we first enquired as to what would be suitable to donate to the children we were expecting to be provided with a list of toys or electronic devices. We were really surprised when the wish list came back as table lamps! The explanation was that some of the older children have a lot of homework and they did not want to have to turn on the main light as it disturbed the younger children who were sleeping. Touched by their modesty we decided to put together a Xmas present that consisted of a lamp, a book and some sweets for each of the 16 children. We also added two handmade Christmas gnomes in order to add to the Xmas spirit.

A number of the staff came to the office in Croatia in order to pack and wrap the gifts. Later, Marina and Romana personally delivered the gifts to the orphanage, but unfortunately, due to the COVID situation they were not able to spend time with the children. However, the feedback from the orphanage staff was that the children were really excited to receive the presents.



As a team we thought that this was a great way to finish 2020. It has also inspired us to think of other ways to give back to the community … but we will share more about that in 2021!

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