Xmas Donation for the Animal Protection Association ‘Spas’

Xmas Donation for the Animal Protection Association 'Spas' - Blog-01

The holiday season is upon us – and with it, the warm and fuzzy feelings of gratitude and giving back. In that spirit, we wanted to keep our tradition of helping those in need, so this year we have decided to donate to an animal shelter in Croatia.

Our donation went to Animal Protection Association ‘Spas’ in Varaždin, Croatia, which predominantly shelters abandoned dogs. ‘Spas’ was founded in 2000 by a small group of enthusiasts with the aim of promoting animal rights and their protection. With the great commitment they unconditionally invested over the years, the shelter slowly gained new tenants, backyards slowly sprouted, and their dream came true in 2010 when the City of Varaždin supported them in receiving a registered shelter. Since then, 7000 dogs have passed through their shelter, 5000 happy muzzles have found their home in those years, and currently there are 450 of them in the shelter waiting for their people and a happy journey to a new home.

As our team members Peter, Marina, Marko, and Romana are proud dog owners, we thought this association to be very fitting! So, we have decided to reach out to them and find out what they need most at the moment. We were sad to hear that there are a lot of puppies and dogs that require special health care and diet, so we have decided to buy them special gastrointestinal and puppy food. Later, Marina and Romana personally delivered bags and cans of food and took some time to visit the dogs and talk to the association’s volunteers who are seen to be putting all their effort into making life easier for the sheltered dogs.

Xmas Donation to Animal Protection Association 'Spas' - Collage
We were happy to finish 2021 by giving back to the community and supporting the association which is determined to develop a greater degree of compassion sensitivity among people and to combat any violence against animals.

While many of us exchange gifts and spend time with our family and friends to celebrate the holidays, there are plenty of people and animals who aren’t as fortunate. If you want to do something to give back, consider supporting a charitable organization this season.

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