Welcoming our New Summer Intern – Connor Fanning!

We are pleased to welcome our new summer intern Connor Fanning to the Kogitas Team. Connor will spend the next six weeks in delivering improvements to our software testing process as he introduces elements of automation into the system test cycle.

Connor is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Hertfordshire and is due to start his final year in September. Over the summer period he wanted to gain some additional work experience and proactively reached out to his LinkedIn network to find an internship opportunity. We have a number of internal projects on hold due to our busy pipeline – so we jumped at the opportunity to bring another summer intern onboard.

During his internship he will be learning about various components of software testing. The main focus will be on the introduction of Selenium test framework in order to automate the system/regression testing of Colony 6. In addition, he will get exposure to using Atlassian products (e.g. Jira, Tempo, Zephry), work with SQL Server, and use a number of development tools (e.g. Visual Studio, GIT, etc) on a daily basis..

When the Managing Directory, Peter Hollis, was asked about the introduction of a UK based summer internship he said:

“… over the last couple of months I have been thinking a lot about what Kogitas can do in order to support young adults as they enter the workforce over what is likely to be a challenging 12 – 18 month period. As such, we have decided to introduce an IT apprenticeship role later in the year … but we are still in the process of working through the paperwork. When I saw Connor’s LinkedIn post I thought that there is something I can do ‘today’ – so reach out to him the next day to say we could spin up an internship.“

In his spare time, Connor likes to play football, kickboxing and to go out with his friends.

Connor, we are pleased to have you as part of the team! We hope that the experience you gain while working with us will be invaluable and that it will help you with your decision on which career path to choose in the IT sector.

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