Meet our New Team Member – Viktorija Sabo!

We are pleased to introduce Viktorija Sabo, the latest Software Engineer to join the Kogitas Team! Viktorija has joined to expand the capacity of the Product Development Team as they continue to implement new features for our asset management product called Orkastrate.

In 2019, Viktorija completed her Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics (”FOI”) in Varaždin, Croatia. She recently decided to continue with her education and is now in her first year of her Master’s degree.

During her studies, Viktorija worked full-time for several software development companies. As a full-stack developer, she has experience in working with databases (SQL Server, PostgresSQL, MySQL) and back-end development in ASP.NET Core Web API. However, her true passion is front-end development where she has robust experience in HTML5, CSS, and Javascript frameworks (in particular Angular.js).

Goran Kuzmanović, Product Development Team Lead of Kogitas commented that

“… we currently have a solid product road map that includes a number of new features for our asset management product Orkastrate. In addition, the team is due to start several new projects in the next few months. When I interviewed Viktorija before Christmas it was clear that she would bring both additional capacity and new skills to the team. An added benefit is that she has previously worked with several team members – so she is likely to integrate quickly and will add value from day one!“

In her spare time, Viktorija likes to travel, play board games and watch movies with her friends.

Welcome to the team Viktorija! We are excited to have you with us!

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