Meet our New Summer Intern – Leon Lukman!

We are pleased to welcome Leon Lukman to the Kogitas Team as he joins us for his summer internship. Leon will spend his time implementing improvements on Colony 6 – one of several products that are developed and supported by Kogitas.

Leon Lukman initially earned a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics (“FOI“) in Varaždin, Croatia.  He is currently completing his Masters degree and will join us for a four week period in order to obtain work experience in the IT sector.

During his internship he will work on some improvements to Colony – the UK’s leading and most comprehensive allotment management software.  The latest version of Colony is a web application which is written in C# using a MVC design pattern with the data being stored in a SQL Server database.  Both the database and web application are hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform.  One of the core improvements that Leon will work on is the introduction of a comprehensive API framework in order to improve Colony’s ability to integrate with 3rd party systems.

This is the second year that Kogitas has supported the local tertiary providers by offering a summer internship.  Peter Hollis, the Managing Director of Kogitas, commented that

” … one of the core reasons that we set up an office in Varaždin was that it was the perfect location to attract graduate IT talent from Čakovec (MEV), Varaždin (FOI) and Zagreb (FER). The introduction of the summer internship programme continues to strengthen our relationship with the local technical colleges and universities but also gives us a chance to give back to the graduate community.”

In his spare time, Leon likes to make 3D models in Blender, go to the gym and hang out with his friends.

Welcome to the team, Leon! We hope that the experience you gain while working with us will provide a great platform to start your professional career!

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